Upgrading from V4.0 or Older

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The Deployment Framework for BizTalk underwent major changes for V5.0.  The biggest change is the conversion from NAnt to MSBuild, but nearly every aspect of the product has changed.  Every upgrade will require manual changes.

Many of the files that were formerly kept in the solution root folder and in subdirectories have been removed or moved.  The Deployment Framework for BizTalk V5.0 completely separates user-editable files from Framework files.  Your BizTalk solution will contain only the files that you must edit and maintain yourself, and all of those files will be stored in one Deployment project folder under your solution.

The rigid project and file naming conventions of V4.0 and earlier are gone.  You can name your projects and files whatever you like.

Setting up a new project in V5.0 is much simpler than in previous releases, so in most cases the fastest and simplest approach is to start over.  Use the Add New Project Wizard to get started.

However, if you want to try upgrading your old project, the Developer folder under the Deployment Framework installation folder contains a simple batch file called MigrateToProjectFolderStructure.cmd.  You can copy this file to the root of your pre-5.0 BizTalk solution and run it from a Command Prompt to jump start your upgrade.  The script will move, rename and delete most of the common files that change during an upgrade.  Watch out for files that you may have bound to source control that will be affected by moves, renames or deletions.

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