It’s the last day of the Microsoft SOA & Business Process Conference and just about time to head for home.  I’ve had a great week in Redmond and have had a chance to talk with many other members of the BizTalk community.  The conference has more than 700 attendees, and I was surprised to discover that 40% or more were international.  QuickLearn has been running some great training classes on BizTalk, WCF, WF and Atlas both before and after the conference.

Thanks to everyone who attended my session on working with large messages in BizTalk and ASP.NET Web services!  The session was well attended and, not surprisingly, a lot of people are having these issues.  As soon as I get approval from Microsoft, I’ll get a post together with the PowerPoint slides and the pipeline component code.

Overall, the conference was worthwhile, but I would have preferred much more detail in the sessions and greater presence from the MS product developers.  Hopefully that will be improved for next year.  No real news from the conference other than the limited availability to partners of an ESB guidance package for BizTalk.

Thanks for reading and please stay tuned for the session materials.

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