MCPD: Enterprise Application Developer and MCT: Enterprise Application Development

I finally had (made!) time to wrap up two certifications that I have wanted to complete for a long time.  One is the MCPD: Enterprise Application Developer, and I am also a Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT) for Enterprise Application Development, which allows me to teach all Official Microsoft .NET Development and BizTalk Server courses.

I recently stumbled across an interesting Microsoft certifications page that includes the number of people worldwide who have each of the various certifications.  It’s pretty interesting.  At last update, there are just over 13,000 MCT’s worldwide, and only about 4,000 MCPD: Enterprise Application Developers worldwide!  I was really surprised at how low the numbers are for the three flavors of MCPD after two years of availability.

This gives me a great opportunity to put some graphics on this blog for a change!  🙂





Exam 70-235: Developing Business Process & Integration Solutions Using BizTalk Server 2006

Digineer continues to be a leading Microsoft partner for BizTalk Server in the Twin Cities area.  As of this writing, we are proud to have six consultants who have passed exam 70-235, and several like myself who also completed the 2004 certification exam.  We are active in the Twin Cities BizTalk Server User Group and regularly provide content for the BizTalk Hotrod e-mag.

Since I have been so behind on my blog this year, I’m writing this in November but I passed the 70-235 exam in June (!).  Passing is 700 with 50 questions total.  I was pleased to walk away with an 842, despite the diabolical BAM questions they always throw in.

I think the exam was quite good as certification exams go.  It covered many aspects of the product and in order to pass you will have to spend hands-on time with the product.  There was quite a bit of BAM and BRE, some poorly written questions, but pretty much as expected overall.  There was a question on BRE FactRetrievers that I wasn’t expecting, but otherwise, no code-focused questions.

The question types are a lot of “choose X of Y”, some straight choose-one multiple choice and some “choose the necessary steps from a list and put them in the right order.”

If you’re a current or aspiring BizTalk developer and want to be part of a group who really knows and loves BizTalk, and you’re in the Twin Cities area, please contact me.  We are always looking for people who have a passion for BizTalk!

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