Orchestration Designer Views of the BizTalk ESB Toolkit 2.0 Transform and Routing Services

If you’ve worked with the BizTalk ESB Toolkit 2.0, you’ve probably used Orchestration Extenders in your itineraries.  The Toolkit includes two default orchestrations (services) named Microsoft.Practices.ESB.Services.Transform and Microsoft.Practices.ESB.Services.Routing.  These service names correspond to two orchestrations installed in the Microsoft.Practices.ESB BizTalk application, named Microsoft.Practices.ESB.Agents.Transform and Microsoft.Practices.ESB.Agents.Delivery, respectively.

These two orchestrations/services are somewhat mysterious since Microsoft chose not to release the Toolkit source code, and there is no detailed step-by-step documentation that describes what each orchestration does – not even a picture of the orchestration design surfaces.

After running some itineraries through BizTalk that used these two orchestrations, I launched the resulting instances in the Orchestration Debugger.  As you probably know, the Orchestration Debugger shows a close representation of the Visual Studio Orchestration Designer view, albeit without ports and with no ability to drill into Expression shapes, etc.

I screen captured the orchestration views in the debugger and made some annotations to make the Send and Receive shapes more apparent.  Since these will probably be useful to many other BizTalk developers, I’m sharing them below in PDF and PNG formats:


UPDATE (04/27/2010): After my original post, I was able to extract the original ODX XML’s and re-create an ODX file for each orchestration. This will let you open up either orchestration in the Orchestration Designer and view all of the code in Expression shapes, etc. They are posted below.


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