I’ve been forgetting to write about this one for the better part of a year…  Many of you have probably seen the exception dialog box in the SQL Server 2005 GUI’s.  It lets you copy the exception text to the clipboard and so on.  It’s pretty nice, certainly an improvement over past dialogs that just printed the error and made you take a screenshot or copy down the error message.

Microsoft quietly released that very exception dialog as a standalone, supported managed assembly that you can use in your own applications.  This is a great thing to take advantage of if you are working on any WinForms 2.0 apps.  (I haven’t checked, but it is probably .NET 2.0 since it is part of SQL 2005.)

From the source:
Microsoft Exception Message Box
“The exception message box is a programmatic interface that you can use in your applications for any tasks for which MessageBox may be used. The exception message box is a supported managed assembly designed to elegantly handle managed code exceptions. It provides significantly more control over the messaging experience and gives your users the options to save error message content for later reference and to get help on messages.”


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